Back online!

Since now I am back online.

I succeeded in putting together again all the pieces of my PC, with the help of the enemy (22GCT_Maxese :slight_smile: )

I got a new MoBo (Intel DQ35J0) with my “old” processor ( Intel Core2 Extreme 6800) + new HD 1 Tera + new disspator with fan + new case with 32 mm side “propeller” fan + 2 additional fans 12 mm.
I hope it would not take off when switched on :slight_smile:

Moreover I’ve got my new G940. So I need some more time for installing everything I need, and to get accustomed with the new HOTAS and pedals. All in all it will take some more time before I will be back on duty. But the good news is that the things are running again. See you soon! :slight_smile: