AVG virus scanner not functioning?

This morning I got the warning “a .bin file is missing”. Has anybody had the same message? I am not able to install any updates. Repairing had no results. Reinstalling AVG had no results. I am now stuck with database files from july 7th 2008, because AVG won’t update.

Anybody using AVG?

Hi Bob,

I’ve had the same issue. It happens sometimes but is usually fixed within a day or so.

I have auto updates turned on and AVG updates itself almost everyday when I turn on my PC, so AVG is rarely more than a couple of days out of date.

I’m sure it will be working again soon.



You were right. It has been resolved already. Thanks.

I’ve sacked AVG after years of faithful use. I do not like the latest build. It has been behaving strangely since I upgraded to ver 8. I have aleways had the scheduled scans turned off, I prefer manual scanning if i need a scan done. However with it turned off it still randomly runs a system scan. If that happens when I’m playing games it is a pain because it uses up processing power.

So just this morning, because of the .bin error, I reverted back to Avast. I used to use Avast a few years ago and have gone back to it.

I’m another Avast user. Really like it, probably because it makes me think of the obligatory pirate impression “aaaarrrghghhhhhhhaaaaaarrrgghghghhhhhhhhhhhh”…

How soon the swabs forget

He means “Yaaaarrrggh!”

All pirates are from Devon apparently

The other one may be a pirate but he’s also falling off a cliff so there could be a connection :slight_smile: