Attenzione agli ultimi driver Nvidia - Warning on the last Nvidia Drivers

Non è detto che sui vostri sistemi possa ricapitare ma dopo l’installazione dei nuovi driver nvidia 512.77 all’avvio di un gioco (nello specifico Hell Let Loose) ogni volta mi dava una BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), cosa che come sapete è ben poco piacevole. Ho provato anche a rifare una clean installation dei driver ma il problema persisteva.
Ho poi fatto un rollback alla versione 512.59 e tutto funziona nuovamente bene.

It is not said that on your systems it can happen again but after installing the new nvidia 512.77 drivers when starting a game (specifically Hell Let Loose) every time it gave me a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), which as you know is not very pleasant. I also tried to redo a clean installation of the drivers but the problem persisted.
I then rolled back to version 512.59 and everything works fine again.

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Probably is connected to Your GPU (a 1060 if I remember correctly) cause I haven’t any problem with my 3090.
But I didn’t test Hell let loose, I will check my Steam library to see if I own it (I didn’t remember :joy:) and eventually I will try it.

Had a similar problem with a recent driver, used DDU and then got a much cleaner copy without all the extra crap they put in.

With same GPU (1060 Stryx) I stopped upgrading drivers since 2 o 3 update cycles yet, 'cause all blur effects, in several games (FS2020 and Hell Let Loose) caused CTD systematically.

I’m stick with 497.29 (Dec 2021) and it goes fine with all games and sims I have.
Guess I’m loosing some of the latest improvements but all is better than a CTD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If a driver make Your system crash I will consider it “no so much improvement”.
So basically Ibanez is confirming that the problem is confinend in old GPU model.

i’ve got a 3070! :sweat_smile:

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I use also something similar that is called nvcleanstall and it always went well. But in this case i tried it and also the original nvidia drivers but the problem was the same.

A couple of months ago i had the 1060 (zotac 6gb) but i always upgraded it without problems.

Ah… True.
Use DDUnistaller to completely remove drivers, is the best one.

it seems they solved the problem in nvida driver 512.95 that are online now.
EDIT: after one day of normal use BSOD happens… i rollback to 512.59