Attention! Pilot officer Geebeer2 – ONE STEP FORWARD!

[b]Friends, Romans and countrymen!

On behalf of OTU, I have the honor and pleasure to present to you our newest additions to European Air Force.
His road has been long and he have trained hard to get his wings.
I am quite sure that he will be an asset to EAF and I hope you will receive him well.

I give you pilot officer Geebeer2 with Wings.


Congratulations GeeBeer :slight_smile:

…and as you handle suggests, I’ll have a pint to toast your success and to wet the whiskers.

Complimenti Geebeer2.

As your name has 2 beers in it, I will also have one. :slight_smile:

Well done and welcome to EAF






:banana::banana:Excellent! Well done Geebeer. :banana::banana:

Another first class pilot for 51.


…Fiiiiinalmente!!! Benvenuto GeeBeer2!!!:banana::banana::banana:

Ed ora, al Bar!!!:roflmao::roflmao::banana::banana:

Bravo Geebeer2, best get your new wings to Sicilly the RA and luftwaffe desperately need good pilot to replace the hideous losses at the hands of the RAF :smiley:

Great Geebeer! Welcome!!! :w00t:

Well done GB2!

Congrats Geebeer…:banana:


Well done dear GeeBeerTWO! :banana:

I hope to see you in the air over Malta very soon, preferably dead ahead! :smiley:


Congrats Gee!
Can’t wail to fly with you.

Thanks Guys, thanks to everybody…

Congrats GB, welcome to a big European family.

We done that man. Mine’s a large one.

Välkommen! :slight_smile:

Grattis Geebeer! Well done! :slight_smile:

Bravo GB!!! E adesso vedi di farci vedere che le meriti!!! Congratulations GeeBeeR2!

E fatti vedere in FORUM!! :wink: COMPLIMENTI ANCORA!

Ciao il problema è il tempo…grazie