ATAG stats

Stuntman is the new EAF king!!!
If only that F-ing spitfire dude hadn’t crashed into me!! Very nice flying and shooting yesterday Stuntman. Unfortunately teamwork isn’t important to many others who fly on the ATAG server.

Just type ‘eaf’ in the ‘filter by pilot name’ box and you will see all of the EAF pilots.

Well done Stuntman nice ratio :smiley:

I just saw that Charlie was up for a spin…Good show mate! How was the flight?
I hope the setting you got from Baz’s website were good.

Let me know when you want to go for another flight. We will go get some Do17’s

Count me in Apollo

I can’t wait to fly CLOD with Charlie.


Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

What makes me more happy than any kill ratio is that I haven’t died yet. And that is all thanks to the teamwork we have in EAF and covering our mate’s six. Together on ATAG server, EAF makes a difference!:smiley:

Staying alive and making sure your buddies does so too is the greatest victory we can acheive. Unfortauntely that does not always happen, but at least we try and win the war and save our mates at the same time, unlike ATAG pubbies who will do whatever to get, snatch or steal a kill!

Your absolutely right Stuntman. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork seems to be the EAF mantra.

unlike ATAG pubbies who will do whatever to get, snatch or steal a kill!

Just to qualify this point a little further, you don’t mean members of ATAG, just some of the vpilots on the ATAG server (?):smiley:


Pubbies, not members!


Definition: Members of a game community that aren’t in your particular private group. Usually seen as less desirable to play with.:eek:

I must read my urban dictionary more often.:smiley:


Well done Stuntman. :slight_smile:

I’ve died when taxing out of a hanger and over some “deadly” long grass, flipping me into the air and exploding. :confused: In a 109 sure…

I wonder when these Stats start from and if it records shared kills or just outright ones? Maybe its monthly.

Hope to catch a flight with Charlie to…