Armed Assualt demo - anyone for co-op Sunday?

Hello all,

Downloaded the AA demo here and having fun with it. I’m meeting up with a couple of chaps from SimHQ for a MP session with the demo on Sunday at 6pm GMT.

(Comms will be via the TS server - I will post the IP if there is any interest.)

Anyone fancy joining us to see what its all about? We could even try the larger CTF and take-over the Island modes if we get enough folk interested?

I had it but go too slow on my Pc was unplayable :frowning:

I really ought to download and try it. I might join in on a test, but can’t say for sure.

It was very disappointing for me hopefully they can fix the bugs. :frowning:

Just to say tried this out on Sunady using the co-op mission and couple of mates and thought it was worth playing.

AI are extremely nasty - and use flanking tactics, but by taking our time we whittled them down and were within a gnats whisker of completing the mission before we all got killed.

There are bugs and some of it feels unpolished - but the sense of immersion is outstanding and just imagine a combined EGF force taking to the field - being dropped in by Blackhawk with AV-8B air support… MMMM…

The grass issue (lying prone buggers your view but not the bad-guys who see you clearly) apparently will be solved in the next patch (so you can disable it completly server side) and if someone could get some kind of suppressing fire so that emptying an MG in the direction of the AI would reduce their accuracy I’d be a happy camper.

Its not perfect, but its got great potential and I’m sure upcoming Mods will make it shine…

I got crashes when trying to enter servers. Then again, I have to lower the settings to make it playable. No fun. After the next upgrade maybe.

what are the system specs for that game?

Ignoring minimal settings.

Recommended specs:
CPU: 3 Ghz
Graphics card: Nv 6800/Ati x800 or higher
Sound: DirectX 9 compatible
HD-space: 3 GB

No addons seen yet (addon-tools are not ready, only scripts-based addons can be written), bugs still available. :wink: