I’m really starting to like ArmA, even though it still have some bugs. :slight_smile:

I’ve spent the last two days playing it (instead of looking for a new job as I should have ;)), have started up the campaign and have done at least 3 missions, spent a long time sneaking around at nighttime taking out shilkas, BMP’s and enemy soldiers. :cool:

I do have some problems with NVG not working from time to time for a unknown reason.

Yep… the night vision refusing to work in several missions is a bug… annoying at times, but I completed that one and got to the rv without it working properly.
Buggy, but still hugely enjoyable… (the best ones always are, remember Hidden and Dangerous,lol)…:slight_smile:

I’ve ordered the game - forgetting that it’s a bank holiday weekend and the offices are likely shut - from It said ‘Processing’ until today, when it said it’d shipped on Saturday…

I should be able to play it at my family’s house - no space for a yoke/decent joystick but do have space for a mouse and keyboard! Do any of you play it online?

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First I thought ArmA would be this … !!! … but as you can see, it ain’t :smiley:

That has to be released yet.

I have only tested it very briefly online, but seems to be smoother then OFP was online.

OFP2 is pretty far off I think? ArmA was supposed to be a OFP with improved graphics, but it ended up a bit more then just that, though still basically OFP (1). :slight_smile: