ARMA III - Alpha is out

It’s out on Steam. I’m going to have to take the plunge.

Looks awesome -

I’ve played it for two days stretch now and its so so much better than expected for an BIS alpha release. Completely blew my socks off! Great performance for its graphical beauty and early alpha stage, great and VASTLY improved infantry and gun movement.

I’ve recorded a lot of footage and will upload it soon. My first snippet though is of the good old BIS driving weirdness, it never stops to surprise!


Tactically tea bag you

That’s a phrase I never thought I’d hear when I started watching the video. :roflmao:

I’m in.

This time I’m going to make sure I get stuck into it and make the most of the game. Love the look of those small helicopters darting around.


I play it now since release.
Movement and aiming is much smoother now.
AI made a big step forward. Squads are behaving much more tactical. I made a simple mission with 2 squads opposite of a town. As I have no idea how to make waypoints et. I just moved with my squad to the other one. They defended really well, searched cover in pairs covering each other. I was finally killed by AI that moved into a house and shot me from the window. I never had the idea to chek the windows :wink:

Performance seems more stable than ArmA2. Although the AI has its impact on performance. Increasing the numbers of soldiers get my FPS low quite fast.
The whole feeling (movement, aiming, object-interaction …) is much more fluid and not that clunky like in the previous ArmA-titles (I didn’t expect this from the alpha!)

I think it has great potential.

Btw. For those to hesitate, in a week the alpha-owners get 3 lite-licenses we can share. Just say and I an drop you one, when they get activated.

Me too, getting the urge to shoot somebody in the swede :slight_smile:


That’s because there is a stance in the game called “Tactical”- basically you can run “tactically” with your weapon ready to fire, both while crouched or normal running. So yes it has never happened before in ArmA history. :roflmao:

I’m starting to edit together some 200 gigs of footage from the last two days with my mates from ArmA Wargames tournament. Lots of nice PvP there.

It was more the teabagging reference.

Today starting ArmA3 made me laugh.
The news in the top-right corner says that “G” is for grenades :smiley:
Yesterday I killed myself several times trying to open my "G"ear.



BTW we all who have played ArmA 1 and 2 had a slight panic when we jumped straight into ArmA 3, as Paf so well explained.



Here is a mission we made, its basically hunting human controlled killers that we, the cops, have to stop at all costs!

Featuring one classic tune for you brits out there. :cool:


Here is my video showcasing some great PVP (player vs player) matches I played with 10-15 other guys from ArmA Wargames.


The mission is simple: attack or defend the car!

I claim this beach :slight_smile:

The Lite-Licences arrived, someone want to check it out?

Now into Beta with a 1.2 GB download on Steam.

Oh and now the price has increased by a tenner :slight_smile:


Big Arma update (1.1Gb) Last beta before release - -

Loads of fixes and fully integrated to Steam Workshop, so getting missions should be really easy now.

I need to work out how to use the dedicated server properly now as its fully supported, rather than the workaround we’ve been using.