ARMA 3 DUWS Campaign.

Have any of you gone to Steam Workshop and DL the DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System)? It is one of the best Scenarios out there. You have zones that you have to take and there is a Point system for Upgrades and Support IE Mortar Strikes, Helos and such. What I found so good is when you go to take a Area you will find Squads of Opfor doing the same so you might run into them at anytime during the offensive. If you dont have it Download it!:smiley:
Thanks Keets!!:wink:

Unfortunately with DUWS its not currently supported on a dedicated server environment. This is why it wouldn’t work when I tried it last time we played. It would need hosting on a client PC, which will usually mean it’ll overload the host PC as there’s so much going on.

I’ll keep an eye on it, because I know its been asked for/talked about on Armaholic.