ARMA 3 Altis map is out!

Check it out in Multiplayer its huge. :slight_smile:

Is that the development branch or the stable beta?

Does anyone use All in Arma to get to the old Arma 2 maps?

If you get a chance, configure your joystick and Throttle to fly a Helo and go to Mission Editor and take a spin on the Altis map, it is spectacular, runs super smooth and the level of detail is amazing, its sheer size will keep us gaming on this map for years down the road. :slight_smile:

Not had chance to try this yet Os, but the screens look great. :slight_smile:

Can I fly my shiny new P51 on this map?

So many sims, not enough hours in a day.


I decided to take a tour of the Map on a high speed boat, after a hour of full throttle and only getting half way through the map:5eek: I ran aground and had to swim to the shore, well, now how do I get back?:confused: I luckily brought a UAV Terminal and opened the UAV map and took control of a UAV that followed the roads to my location, after about 15 minutes I had a way back to the base.:smiley: Really brilliant what they have added. :slight_smile: