ArmA 2 Charlie Foxtrot Tournament

This is what I do on Sundays.

When not killing tanks from above…I’m killing tanks IN tanks. :smiley:

Recorded ingame footage from the sixth battle of the fifth campaign in this ArmA 2 Player vs Player tournament.:slight_smile:

Part 1

Part 2


Superb and enjoyable movies Stuntman, comms recording too - very nice mate thanks!


Good teamwork :slight_smile:

cool mate!

Thanks! I’m most likely going to continue making videos from the tournamnet. In the final battle of this campaign I am tasked to fly Chinook as there are no tanks left…:roflmao:

I’m also a part of a milsim tank group, which is much more focused on the real aspect of tank warfare, rather than action; great and challenging fun :).

I was deployed yesterday and have some footage. Unfortunately there was not very much contacts for my tank, as our lead tank took most of it, and because of a realistic battlefield, there wasn’t enemies raining down on you constantly, lol.

I downloaded the Steam Operation Arrowhead demo today but I could find only a couple of servers with lamers playing (lots of talk about sucking things good grief kids today)

What do I need please to get into a ArmaTwo tanker’s career and play with normal people, British Army if possible but I’m a mercenary :slight_smile:


Get combined operations, either throug steam (not really reccomended) or through hard copy - combined operations is ArmA 2 and expansion Operation Arrowhead

Will help you later gotta go right now catching a class, lol.

I’m even more of a newbie in Ama II. However I have Arma II and OA and recently BAF adon. If folks are going to get online as EAF GF, I’m more than happy to be canon fodder.



I have Arma1 :o

Thanks Stuntman


Getting some EAF chaps for a game sounds fun. :slight_smile:

If we are in a tank take no offence of my rather mechanic behaviour, lol.

Campaign 6 was finished last month and Campaign 7 are starting tomorrow - in every campaign, the two sides does its own “photo shoot” to mark the ending of a campaign. Sadly, my side on the BLUFOR, RiverStone inc, have lost the two last campaigns. However, our minds have never been darken and our backs never broken, in fact - we are stronger than ever and will never give up - the mentality is in a way like it was during the blitz, the more the pounding the more stronger we reject it. Thus I have made a video of this photoshoot, with the fighting spirit between the lines.

Anyhow, that’s enough of my babble - here is the video you probably were looking for in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a bit slow to stream so make sure it is fully loaded before enjoying it in 1080p! :wink:

Footage of my current role in the tournament, behind-the-lines helicopter pilot! :slight_smile:

This is from the last battle last Sunday, Battle 6. We finnaly got the lead over our opponent thanks to this battle and the great teamwork the whole army put together, as well as constant resupplying. :wink:

Quite much interisting and low sneaky sneaky landings in the enemy land…oh…and some mistakes by me as well…can’t leave them out.:slight_smile:

Enjoy in 1080p!

So finally it happened - RiverStone is, after fighting intensely for two whole campaigns in a row, once again victorious. Two videos I will upload will mark the ending of one of the most intense campaigns in Charlie Foxtrot history. The first video shows RSi’s photo shoot. The upcoming video, which will be released in a few days, will show both armies together in a common photo shoot. And bear in mind: both photo shoots are worth to watch to the very end!

Enjoy in 1080p! :slight_smile:

Two more vids up from Sunday’s CF battle - it was action packed to the limit - me and a buddy of mine in a tiny BMP facing large odds and a fierce enemy. :slight_smile:

The epic BMP action

Some great teamwork with one infantry squad

Time to open up the booty.

Charlie Foxtrot 10 was ended tonight! Here are some videos from a quite hectic and epic campaign, though not really in my style this time. The two videos from Battle 6 are recommended!

LAV action in Scrim 1

Epic BMP action vs large odds in Battle 6
ArmA 2 MULTIPLAYER PVP - Charlie Foxtrot - Campaign 10 - Battle 6 - Epic BMP Action

Great mechanized teamwork with infantry in the same Battle 6
ArmA 2 MULTIPLAYER PVP - Charlie Foxtrot - Campaign 10 - Battle 6 - Mechanized Assault

One more video is coming up from this campaign’s last battle, some more tank action! :slight_smile:


Campaign 11 started today! And once again I am a transport pilot! :smiley:

In this short clip I’m flying the Super Puma transport chopper for RiverStone inc.

This is from the final minutes of the first battle of this campaign. I’m landing a full squad in the town we are defending from SI (Shaskha International), but the LZ approach is blocked by enemy armour. I have to quickly find an improvized, safe LZ to land the last players to secure a clear victory for RS!

Charlie Foxtrot is dead.

This is a tribute to this great and now deceased tournament.

Its players have formed a new tournament in the name of ArmA Wargames ( - but we will always remember where it all began.

This is for the players, the community, the bonds, the stories.

This is my last Charlie Foxtrot battle video you will see.