Are there any Hog pilots out there>

Been flying A-10 in DCS World lately and lovin it, are there any other Hog pilots out there that would be willing to get together some time for some Maverick and GBU missions, oh ya lets not forget that nasty gun under the Hogs nose. :slight_smile:

Got it, but struggling to take off in the thing never mind hitting anything:o


You already know I’m there matey. Be good to blow some stuff up sometime.

Anyone going to be around tonight 8/25 for some Hog action?

Going to be on TS tonight if anyone is interested in flying the HOG, will go into DCS World Multiplayer. Please respond if your interested.

I haven’t started it since I got back from Florida.

I need to get a good session in it before venturing online

Friday night is hog night. Should be on 9:30pm or 4:30pm your time. I can host.

And Brigstock, we can talk you through startup.

Awesome Keets see you then!:smiley:

Ill try to bethere, with a Ka50 or as “Combined commander”, at least to say hello and Im following you with attention :slight_smile:

You may get me in your sights, that should be about enough time for the Mav laser to lock on. :slight_smile:

Have the Hog too - be interested in little EAF Warthog co-op flying. Start-up may be a little rusty, and yet to figure out all the weapons, but flying together to turn T-72s into scrap would be a blast.

NB: Bone Question: I have DCS-A10C but not DCS World. Do I need to install DCS World to connect to you guys on DCSW?

Some folk have been apparently been finding the MP element on DCSW not so stable and reverting back to an earlier version of the single module DCS A10C. (Not sure how that exactly works, but there you go).

Flash you’ll need to install DCS world and then download and install the A10 module. Your key code will work.

MP is a flaky at times. We had 5 in on Friday across the various products, in one mission. Towards the end Nepe and Osprey were getting disconnects for no reason as the server was still up. It’s not worth dropping back to the non DCS World version IMHO because at least this means we’re compatible.

I installed DCSW earlier today and did some flying in the Su-25, had some problems getting TIR to work (had to install the latest software for it to work, remember to unplug the TIR unit while installing for it to work btw), but eventually managed to do some decent flying. Of course I still have a whole lot to learn on how to set it up and work all the buttons in the plane, but I might put a little time into it…

Mikke, is your cockpit clear in the SU-25? Mine is very pixelated I’m not sure what the issue is?

For folks who might me interested in this If you Download DCS World you do get a Free SU-25. :slight_smile:

Mikke, is your cockpit clear in the SU-25? Mine is very pixelated I’m not sure what the issue is?

It’s because it’s a direct port of the Flaminh Cliffs Frogfoot. It doesn’t have high definition textures in the cockpit like the KA-50 or A10.