Anyone up for some DCS tonight, Thursday 12/11?

Will be on TS at 8:30-9:00 GMT. We can fly P-51,Saber,Huey,A-10 or Mig-21 what ever suits your fancy?

Yeah, I’m up for it! Just have to change my joystick profile first. Hmm, much after 20:30 GMT will be too late for me, but I will get on TS and if nothing else fly a bit off-line…

ETA: on the DCS P-51 channel, but I’m up for flying other planes as well.

Aaaand I’m downloading 3Gb of updates. :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s quite fast, almost halfway there. :smiley:

The Flight was Fun. but the Flak was Fierce.

Thank you Osprey for the smooth mission and hosting. First time formation flying in DCS, but not to hard :slight_smile:
Thank you Radar for ringing the bell :wink:

Was fun, for a first time. :tongue2:

I wrecked a couple of P-51’s trying to take off before I got the instruction to trim 6° rudder right, after that I managed to get up even with a load-out of rockets (and bombs?). Flew around a little getting rid of rockets (and bombs??), tried to find Pax, found the runway again, and by then my flying time was getting low so I went around and did a landing. Not my best, but considering I failed to find the flaps I’m still quite happy with it, nothing destroyed, plane and pilot both in one piece. :smiley:

Yes, great flying Pax, the rear radar was a true savior, one kill each and at least one of us lived:D. Flak was also deadly accurate.:rolleyes: