Anyone up for some ARMA3?

Just wondering if anyone is up for some ARMA? I can’t fly, but can use mouse and keyboard near normally (little awkward position next to the desk but decent enough to have some coop fun).

If anyone is interested let me know and I’ll set the game on DL, in meantime I’m messing about in more arcadish, but fun all the same, BF4.

Cyclops, I’m always game for ARMA 3 just time is at the essence this moment.:rolleyes:

Ok, good to know, I’ll set the game to download then to have it ready for whenever you get the time.

I’ve got too much time on my hands now, and honestly, it don’t feel right. Killing yourself working is bad, but so is doing nothing (did no think it would bother me, but it does :)).

I’ve found this little free mod that some guys I know play. They love it, I’ve not tried it yet to pass on my judgment, but looks interesting enough.

Also looks like a very good mod for coordinated teamplay. And it’s free so can’t hurt to try out, have a look fellas: