Anyone race in here??

Just wondering …I have Project cars, F1 2015 and 2014, plus I also downloaded Raceroom Experience from steam…was going to pick up the 2015 DTM pack for that as well. If anyone does, we could have a laugh with a race or two

I have F1 2014, Grid, Grid 2 and Grid Autosport, as well as Dirt 3…so yes! :banana:
Tempted to buy Dirt Rally it’s down to £28 until 14th. (On Steam)

Have a look at raceroom racing experience, its free!! You get two circuits and 5 cars for free, and the tracks cost about £2.50 to buy plus you can purchase individual cars etc…or, as I’m going to do, you buy the packs at about £19 and get nine tracks and all the DTM cars for that price.

I’ll turn the PC on and download it now…

Got it downloaded but it won’t launch. I’ll have to play around with it tomorrow.

use the steam, verify files…it sorted mine out