Anyone for joining me in Tanking!!

Just released today…WWII Tanks, Tiger v T34…more info here

and a review here

they stated that they are trying to do the same as IL2, with addons and updates of battle areas etc…

Multi player for 16 in skirmish { dogfight } or co-op mode!

That does sound interesting!

I’ll see if I can find one in the store someday.:slight_smile:

Looks good, have to see what our squadron Grunt and Donkey walloper think:D

hello puff, id like to join ya for some MP mate, saw your posts on the LI forums about MP, lets meet up in our TS to arrange it one day/night mate.

Hows the game? Read some comments that it might need some patching to be good.

yer, i think it does, i was worried about that from the off, its made by the same people who did the t72 balkans on fire tank sim, and that was a buggy old game.

its almost as though they forget to do any testing at all with this game, the multiplayer appears to be fubar, dont get me wrong, if they patch this and fix it then it will be awesome, but reading from the forums it doesnt look good for the future.

but maybe some modders will get hold of it and fix it, like they did with the excellent panzer elite.

The minimum sytem requirment ( CPU 3.0 GHz :eek: :eek: :eek: ) are too high for my pc.

He Puff,
saw your name in modding scene of TvsT, is it you?
I just got the game after I felt for a tanksim again. WOT is just short fun and I was looking around for a more serious sim. Well came back to TvsT and knowing it has been abandoned pretty much after release. I saw there is this MMp mod around, are you involved into it?

I’ll get the MMp 7 to you mate, and talk youthrough setting it up :slight_smile:

Hey thats great mate. Will be away next week on vacation. Ill drop you a message when back, ok? I Have MMp6beta installed right now,found it somewhere on the net. Does MMp7 change tank parameters, or still focus on mutliplayer playability?