Any BOM or BOS flyers

With the I16 just appearing in Battle over Moscow beta, I’ve succumbed and jumped in. Anyone else tempted or fancy a fly in either BOS or BOM on a Monday for a change? All that snow I just want to dive in :slight_smile:


Funny you should say that Swoop, after flying Cliffs on Monday night I felt the urge to do some ground pounding, so fired BoS and blew a couple of things up, made me feel a lot better, must admit though never been online yet, but I’m up for it


At last some heavy metal! :slight_smile:

I’m off work this week so if anyone fancies a brush up before Monday gimme a shout. (I need a brush up with BoS as well).

I haven’t been online either so Charlie can hopefully give us tips, earliest I can do is Monday and this gives me some time to try and sort out my controls. Happy to cover you lads, mind you it was a blast in the Il2.

Isn’t here some better graphics settings I remember seeing a while back…

Waiting the Macchi!!!

will have some flighs in bos when i come back from holiday!

ps italians are testing it every tuesday if you want to join…

He kept that quiet :wink: we going to get our butts kicked :slight_smile:

Are they on SOW TS…is our TS working yet?

Wonder if he’s gone head to head with 8 x rockets and 2 x 23mm cannon? :stuck_out_tongue:

The original graphics tweak is here Swoop but it was released Nov 2014 and may have been updated by now.

Cheers mate.

I would’nt mind a bash with that if we get a load of EAF’ers flying together.

I think the extended ground visibility graphics tweak should now be an option in the settings - along with SSAO and HDR off.

Plus 64-player servers (!)

Found this from Emil -

I do two things. The first is to run sweetfx and reshade and the second which is easier and makes a massive difference is to go in to the startup.cfg file which in in the data folder and manually edit the Gamma down to either 0.5 0.55 or 0.6. The latter has a massive effect on the visuals and you will start seeing features you didn’t even know were there. If you are interested in the sweetfx/reshade then go to this link and check out 5tuka’s settings

He also has x4 view distant set…?

this is his vid without the x4 on though -


BOS. Well it would be like Keystone cops for me. Not familiar with the planes. The IL-2 is most forgiving. From what I remember flying a year ago. But would be nice for a change.

Is that BOM beta again a paid one? Then I will wait.

I think the IL2 has been remodelled Bob. I flew it last night for the 1st time in best part of a year and once over 500 km/h things started to depart the aircraft, namely ailerons and elevators :o

But 500 km/h isn’t that fast. Hmm. Any complaining on the forums yet?

So there is new patch. Downloading it, … slowly. I got spoiled with downloadspeeds of 6 or 7 MB/s. I will try it in the weekend.

Managed to get some time to fly / against the I-16 AI; it’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

You about Ed on a Monday to give it a go?

Should be, unless I get told c. 18:00 that something has to be finished for Tuesday…:frowning:

I’ve never played BoS online; is it similar to RoF where you join through the game?

Me neither mate, but Charlie has so we can follow.

I am going to sod off from work shortly; I might try getting online tonight if anyone is around and want to have a go on the I-16?

Might be only you and me mate who have the’BOM. :slight_smile: about to get the BBQ going so no flying for tonight.

Pathfinders :stuck_out_tongue:

Last few months have been pretty rammed but I’ll explore the multiplayer tonight and have a better understanding for Monday :cool: