Any 41 pilots still flying?

Dear all,

Hope everyone is well, what a couple of years!!

As my children are now getting older, I’m getting the time back to do some flying. Just seeing if any of lads are still out there!


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Thing about children growing older is that you also grow older :smiley:
Great big welcome back.
I’m new (1 year) here so you wont know me, but its nice to meet you and hopefully soon in the air.

Not flying since my GPU failed.
I’m waiting for prices to drop to a reasonable level
I sure miss it though.

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Me You too :wink:

Hey you two, good to hear that there is some life here. Prices are dropping slowly Apollo, but availability is up though.

Nice to meet you Rob!

Sent Jimmi an email and he invited me to come and fly with you all again, guess you meet up on Discord on Mondays/Thursday from 8? Getting back into flying the Spit in DCS and Il2 right now, not up to scratch for a campaign but thinking of flying through the Big Show over the next couple of weeks as a good learning/fun experience. Hoping to fly on Thursdays with you lads after that.

Apollo, il2 Bos is so much better compared to when we use to dogfight in her. However the Spit in DCS just feels lovely to fly, very light on the controls.


Hey Swoop,

Welcome Back!

I am also new here, couple of weeks, but nice to see the team growing with newcommers and returning pilots :slight_smile:
Hope to see you in the air tonight :slight_smile:
Cheers :beers:

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Welcome back Swoop! Hope to see you again in the virtual skies! :hugs:

We are waiting also for you @Apollo_EAF331 ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks and good to see you, likely a couple of weeks before I join in (not DCS weeks :)), while I get up to speed with the Spit again. Just started flying the Big Show campaign now I’ve sorted keys and tweaking settings.

Hi Swoop!!! Very good to hear you back!!! Hope everything is ok!

As usual on Monday/Thirsday you can join us for some flight over Normandy/channel/caucasus as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course just a message or PM and we can meet on amy other day! We still use TS and Discourse app for mobile to use better the forum :blush:

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No, we still use Teamspeak, Discord only sometimes.
I’m trying to fly every monday and thursday, but as I stop early I’m not flying campaigns where the start time is after 21:00, and those nights I usually fly modern on my server.

Hey, another old timer like me!!!

Ahoy Swoop, nice to hear from you

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Hi Cappe, good to see you!

Hey Nepe, great to see to you too!! are you back flying? Chatted with Keets the other day via Steam (and Ming), he has a small holding with Sheep in Wales now.

S! Mikke, chatting with Red he still keeps in contact with Mram, does he fly with you chaps?

Unfortunately it’s been a long time since I last flew with @Mram_EAF331. :frowning:
I talked to him a little before christmas, then he was waiting for graphics card to come down in price and the little he flew was in CoD. I think the graphics part is the main thing that is holding him back from DCS.
I hope he gets back in the air with us soon.

Well, more or less…or should I say more less than more? :smiley:

Nice to know from Keets and yikes, Ming! memories of European Air War come to my mind…

Yay! Mram is back! :smiley:
And while we where flying together I get a message on Steam (i didn’t understand what was making a sound while we where flying, and it was no other than Mas that was messaging me!
I have sent him a link to the forum, so I hope he comes by here and says hi!


i just saw you and Mram logging out when i joined!
Was vey happy to see you!

i think i spoke with Mas on chat some time ago too! Hope to see him more often too!

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