ANR Website

I have had an interest in World War II aviation for over 30 years. In the 80’s, I began reading about the Regia Aeronautica and the ANR. During this time, I began documenting information about the ANR, which gradually evolved into the contents of my website. I have used many many resources while gathering information. Some sources have been sited, but many have not. Initially, this was just a personal project. My apologies. Known sources will be documented on a source page and every effort will be made to acknowledge the information and efforts of others.

Please feel free to added your expertise or comments regarding this website and its contents. There is always new insight and information to be gained through collaboration.

Thx for link, posted also in forum EAF51 (italian EAF group)

Very interesting site, thx for link!

The ANR website will be up-dated on a regular basis. I’m hoping to post April and May soon, as well as, an aircraft profile page and introduction. I’ve up loaded one of the best videos of the ANR pilots and aircraft I’ve been able to find. Check out the video section to view it.

Thx for the link. My knowledge of the Italien airforce, is sadly lacking.