Another multi mission ready for DCS thanks to EAF and SIG! 16TH November RED WEEK operation! Sign in!

Soooo gentlemen, @51Squadron @41wing

here we are with the second mission prepared in collaboration with SIG squadron and EAF (Mostly done by @EAF51_Joker ).

We have a big one prepared for the 16th of november, and we have a full scale site with all the storyboard and details, timelines, schedules flights and detailed briefings inside it!

Have a look and check it out, we will have special guests from ITALIAN WINGS, EAF at full Strenght, SIG and IAF ready to fight!
It will be based on the days before the Normandy assault on coastlines, Normandy map!


I did a little advertising on the 3channels of Discord that fly IL2 and DCS, let’s see if anything comes out!