And today...

Happy birthday

Magister NEPE!!!


Auguri Nepeeeeee!!!

Happy birthday Nepe!! :banana:

Grattis Nepe!


happy birthday Nepe!! :ani_beer:

Feliz cumpleaños Carlos!

THANK YOU everyone!

feeling somewaht older but still ready for rock and roll.

Wow, this is my…gasp!!! 17th birthday in EAF!!! :o

ok, feeling really old now :frowning:

Noob! :tongue2: In 8 days it’s not only Paddys birthday, but also my 19th anniversary! :eek: Unfortunately I can’t find when Puffman originally joined EAF, but he was in before me. Now that is old! :cool:

Happy birthday Nepe!!

Yeah! Happy birthday Nepe :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

Happy Birthday old boy ! from a 65 yr old noob :slight_smile: