Americas Army (AA)

Take a look around the site Zulu, i think its a 3gb download but its worth it:D , version 2.8. Its a great sim, ive only just found it but im enjoying it. The last bit of training is solid, a bit of E & E, so im only a qualified ranger not SF yet:( .
As its also a recruting tool for the yanks army they plan on supporting it for a good few years yet:D .
Hurry up i need a team mate:cool:
P.S, there is 2 callsign EGF_DanC & EGF_AngieC, we both play it :slight_smile:

Just ignore the recruiting/propaganda stuff and just play the game, this is pretty enjoyable, im playing it a lot again at the moment.

There are some good UK servers and generally the players you find in AA want to play the right way and work together, very enjoyable.

Now i know your playing i will login to TS before i join a server, hopefully see you in soon.

I’ve got AA and really enjoy it, i would play it more except im still hooked on RO.

I will Check TS and if you guys are on i will go AA rather than RO.

Nice one Meako, glad its not just me still liking this.

I will be on later tonight at 22.00 for an hour or so if anyones about.

Just got back, will be on this weekend:D
Update to 2.8.1 available:)

Has anyone tried the TIR on the new patch yet?

And another question, has anyone done the E&E SF training? Its bloody hard:(

Done it :D, Stayed prone for the whole lot :slight_smile:

Yea I did the EE SF training very hard but well worth it. Now you can trick out your M-4, Yea baby, Airborne Whoo Ahh!! :sniper:

Will be on this evening but cant do sf missions as my honour is only at 12:( .

Got the update thanks, some of the new maps are cool.
River basin Village is huge, looks really smart.

Bit of work done this evening, now up to Honour 13;) , have to work on it a bit more next weekend so i can do SF missions:)

All updated and ready to “Frag Out!” Whew, I forgot how tough AA was. Fantastic game at a reasonable price! :wink:

I recommend registering over at Army Ops tracker. You can see who’s online (Buddies) etc as well as recording your stats.

Go Here


Thanks Keets! I have an issue that I cant get on to my old Login because I never changed my e mail and I was at 28 Honor :frowning: so I’m using my daughters user “Superminime” until I can get it straightened out. :o

I am on Army Ops Tracker as Johnny_Red

OK just got it and going through training now but wow i got it downloaded from the french server at 1.24Mb a sec took 29 minutes for 2.65Gigs…


LOL you dont know what your in for, just wait till you have to do the SF E&E.
Its bloody hard but it can be done:cool:

What… it was a piece of pish… first go.:smiley:

would love to get this but u think i should try to sort out my pc first tho dan i will get it and come join u some time as ur wing man on the ground :roflmao:

I recommend registering over at Army Ops tracker. You can see who’s online (Buddies) etc as well as recording your stats.

All done and reporting for duty! :smiley: I was not able to get my old user name back so I’m going through training again I think they will want me as a Drill Instructor by the time I’m done. :rolleyes: Maybe this friday we can Frag?
Registered as EGF_Osprey