Alternatives to Fraps for making movies?

Had a interesting flight in the DCS Spitfire yesterday that I wanted to record. I downloaded the free Fraps, but it’s limited to 30 sec (and I didn’t really get that to work either), and I’m too cheap to buy the full version just to make one movie. So I’m looking for a free alternative, being able to record in full-HD would be preferable.

I have something that came with my ATI graphics card (PlayTV?), but I didn’t have the time to figure out exactly what it does yesterday evening.

Any suggestions?

Just found out that Win10 does have a function for it in the XBox app:’s-game-dvr-and-game-bar/

Need to test that.

for ATI cards, have you tried ReLive?

Hmm, that might have been what I was looking for last night. I remembered that I had seen something that might be useful to record what happens on the screen when installing ATI/AMD drivers, but when I looked for it yesterday all I could find was that Play.TV or whatever it’s called.

Mikke, what drivers version do you have? I can’t find a direct link to download only ReLive, but it just ask me to download and install it when I update my drivers

Crimson 16.6
Not really too bothered at the moment, used the XBox DVR recorder, worked though the quality suffered at times. But thanks anyway!

Results can be seen here:

Popular Bandicam, FoneLab, OBS, TinyTake are all good Frap alternatives, there are top 15 free Free Screen Recorder. Hope helpful for you