Air Show in Norway: Hurricane, Norseman, Harvard & Spitfire!

Hi chaps, I’ll put all the air show videos here. Harvard video just released and Spitfire coming up!

Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX RR232 City Of Exeter!
[video=youtube_share;99NASOR1FVs] t[/video]

Hawker Hurricane Mk I Battle of Britain!

Noorduyn Norseman R-AF LN-TSN!

North American Harvard LN-TEX!

The final grand display at Hurricane To Kjeller Air Show 2016: the magnificent Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX RR232 City of Exeter! This air show at Kjeller aerodrome (ENKJ) was organized by Norwegian Spitfire Foundation:

This Spitfire is built and owned by Martin Phillips, who is seen wearing a khaki-brown shirt. I was unfortunately unable to talk to him, but I hope this video can be a fitting tribute to his work of restoring a Spitfire back to life.

Produced by Knut ?shammer
Poster by Martin Bunaes
Music: Guardians by Evan King
Spitfire pilots: Lars Ness and Eskil Amdal

[video=youtube_share;99NASOR1FVs] t[/video]