AH-64D coming, anyone interested?

I’m torn. I loved to fly Janes Apache Longbow and Longbow 2 back in the days (must have been before I joined EAF, so before autumn of 1999. I do have the Huey and the French chopper in DCS, and like them, but almost never fly them. Tried the Ka-50 and it was ok, but as usual with russian stuff not totally intuitive to use. Haven’t tried the Mi-24.
But I think the AH-64 might be awesome, with one caveat, there will be a lot to learn to use it even at a beginners level, and I suspect a co-pilot would be very useful. And here is where I’m starting to back off. I don’t fly nearly enough to even begin to learn all the modules I already have. So I will probably not buy it before release, and might wait until it’s on sale in a couple of years…

But anyway, is anyone in EAF planning to buy the AH-64?

Already bought, just DAMN waiting for them to release it (should be imminent, anyway :heart_eyes: )

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Me too! :smiling_imp:

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