Additional HSFX / UP kit

The Kubelwagon’s overmoddled etc… :slight_smile:

I d/l the Spit XVI but am not yet familiar with HSFX file structure so have not had a change to fly it.

Marsh, you would be very well advised to leave your HSFX installation alone, or you will probably find yourself incompatible with SE servers :slight_smile:

Hi there

i hope to be useful

i checked the package (even if beside Pablo is a trusted mate)
and i can confirm it doesn’t affect UP/HSFX_switcher compliancy with SE server

the content of the package should be thrown to the MODS/JSGME folder and activated modenabled
but its an UP extension: don’t mix it with HSFX modpackage or you’ll surely loose compliancy with SE server

its really not a match between teams: HSFX and HSFX_switcher content are the same as well the client/server executables, and both need not to be messed up for the same compatibility reason :wink:


Hi Radar - I sent you a PM about what you said :slight_smile:

Taking in to account Classic’s wise words about not-screwing up a mod we use for our wars, this is a pretty impressive piece of work. The beta d/l link is half-way down page 8:

@ Marsh : I just replied you mate

leaving now from office… catch ya

I have to say, the danger of “unforseen” complications, such as brown smoke trails seen on df servers by those who experiment with additional mods would lead me to the conclusion that the best idea, is one offline install for experimenting with mods, one online install for actualy flying with.

If the new mods are good, they will be included in a future release/patch from the HSFX and Ultrapack sites.

I for one think the point releases of the Ultrapack/HSFX do a great deal to allow the comunity to continue reading from the same page and stop the nonsense such as invisible aircraft and spurrious smoke trails of the past.

Great to know that development continues, looking forward to the next Ultrapack/HSFX release.

I shall be waiting until then before experimenting.


You go first dear reader, I’m touching nothing until it’s official :slight_smile:


hehe smart choice Ming :wink:
i agree.

safety of the runtime comes after all, and beside the common releases
i have currently several il2 installations to be sure what i’m messing with.
but this doesn’t mean every one should/would need several installations:
i choosed the option to give my favourite sim all the hd space it deserves, other people may have healthier habits :smiley:

beside you could add content for test to the “-MODS” folder and rename it to “MODS”
this allows the content opf the MODS folder to be wrapped as the old-school usage

if you’re going to add content to the “MODS” folder there wont be compatibility issues disabling the added content by renaming the folder to “-MODS”


I couldn’t get the new map to work as the error message was in German - something about one of the map texture files not loading :smiley:

However, an interesting aspect of this is that Waggle has constructed a file that works via JSGM so you ‘add’ the map in its beta format before loading the game. This strikes me as a good idea given the justifyable concerns about unforeseen consequence; as it does not work I simply unselect it from JSGM and (in theory) it has no effect on the UP2.0 installation.

i suggest you to check your console log file when something “strange” or unexpected happens

you can do it while using FMB or during the flightime by pressing both Shift+TAB buttons at the same time (repeat the command for close the console pane)

the Console section of the conf.ini file allows to keep track into a file of the console output stream ( m4t published a very nice conf.ini guide )

then if the game crashes apparently with no reason you’ll be able to check what happened by have a look in the console log file

the same if messages about missing/unresolved references occours you could search there what’s going wrong

basically the console log file is an extremely useful debug tool
available to explain more than our human descriptions marking the point where/when the application made a fart


Thanks Radar!