add-on rdy?


Posted Tue January 24 2006 02:59

Yesterday we begun the test of new free add-on with German, British, Italian and Japanese planes (third party and own), where also is present some new ground objects (most of third party).
Also begins the test of commercial English version of Pe-2 add-on (Brieffings of missions will be only in English for any of western version of FB+AEP+PF.

Pe-2 add-on is the first of 3 relatively commercial add-ons that PROBABLY will be released till mid summer 2006.
Pe-2 is going to be released right after mentioned above free add-on, which is now in a test.

Wait for the dev.updates please"

How long they will test it? - any ideas?

My guess is that they will test it 2 weeks. :wink:

In the meantime I will chant “Mosquito” while I perform the Tempest/Typhoon dance and pray to the Macchi MC 202 gods.


So it seems to me, BOB will come after these Add-ons, Ubi is not known for throwing away money. My Tip is mid-late 2007.


Well he said mid summer for the PE-2, right after the free addon, so I guess July/August.

Does anyone really believe Oleg any more when he talks in time-scales?

The worrying thing is that he seems desperate to raise extra revenue releasing Gold/platinum packs and payware add-ons. Doing this delays BoB because the dev team have to stop working on the new title to rehash stuff for the old titles.
Also he’s sold the rights to use the IL2 engine to another dev team in 1C. Also the lack of in-house updates is a bit fishy, all I’ve seen lately is third party train models from Germany. It sounds like Maddox are in financial trouble to me. I hope I’m being a cynical old bastage, but it certainly has me worried as to whether we will actually ever see BoB.

Yes, but there will be 2 more pay-addons and BOB won’t come out before every money is got out of the (now 4 years old?) Il2 engine…