Achtung JG5 checking in...

Hello chaps

Some of you may remember me (or maybe not) I am a long standing member of JG5 and flew IL2 for many years before giving the old dog a break 4 or 5 years ago.

In recent months we now have 4 of us who are flying IL2 CLOD on a regular basis and it is likely that there will be others following as the game becomes more stable and playable (cough*), probably up to 8-10 players.

While we actually like the sim even with it’s bugs and oddities the major issue we have is the lack of COOP missions and a lobby. We have been flying on ATAG which to be frank is a bit boring to say the least and we don’t often find opponents who are flying as a team in numbers.

I have been scouring the forums and found that a chap called 41 sqn Banks has developed a way to host a coop mission

So if you would be interested in having some pre planned fights against a very rusty but reasonably organised opponent please add myself JG5_Emil JG5_Thijs JG5_Svale and JG5_Schuck to your steam friends list and we can figure out a way to have a little fun with this simulator.

I am currently trying to build some simple missions and test our capacity for hosting (i.e. how many people we can accommodate), I think we can probably provide Teamspeak slots as well if need be.

Please let me know if this is of any interest to any EAF member. It might take a few attempts but once we get this stuff figured out it could be a lot of fun.


Nick AKA JG5_Emil

Sounds interesting. We are not that many in EAF that fly COD on a regular basis, but I hope we could manage to scrape together at least a matching number of pilots. :slight_smile:

Welcome Emil! :slight_smile:

Of course I remember you, some of the best evenings online have been fighting you guys :slight_smile: JG5 is always in the top of my preferred Axis squads list to fly with.

As Mikke said not many of us are flying CoD, but Im sure we will be able to have some 4vs4 coops, depending on the day of the week.

I will add your names tonight in Steam, hope to see you soon online to start testing the new patch and the new coop system.


Thanks for the replies guy.

We are trying to put together some fairly simple coops to get started, fighter sweeps or intercept recon aircraft which should ensure we engage each other and don’t end up flying round the South East of England aimlessly :smiley:

4v4s would be a good starting point as with the current state of the sim some pilots aren’t migrating. If they attract any more interest we can try some larger and more advanced missions in the future.

Are there any particular nights that you guys tend to be online more?



P.S fingers crossed we get another patch ASAP!

Thanks for the invite Emil and it would give me another reason to install the final patch and see what they have done to the British fighters. :o

Im in :wink:
For the night, let’s figure out with Nepe.
…I have only one problem…I don’t know how to fly allies planes:roflmao::roflmao:


S! JG5 chaps, of course we remember you, great pilots- you are our Favourite Designated Enemies since the days of DarkHelmet and Jerry in EAW :slight_smile:

The patch sounds a bit scary… but stiff upper lip <gulp> :slight_smile:


Hi Ming

Yep the patch is a bit hit and miss but they’re going in the right direction. They released it and asked people to send in their crash dumps while they are on Holiday (again?!? Do Russians have holidays every week?). They are back to work on Thursday and we shall give them no rest…they will have 100s of crash dump files to go through and fingers crossed this will help them isolate the remaining bugs much faster. Trees, Grass and clouds still causing issues like stutter or fps drop.

I’m flying with most things on high and with a resolution of 2560x1440 but I do keep trees and grass off for the time being. There are improvements to the engine though but the forums are clogged up with people moaning about why an Alpha isn’t working as advertised :confused:

I found the big stutters and pauses have gone entirely which is lovely. The FMs have been tweaked to be more realistic but we will need to see how the aircraft stack up against each other. Spit 2 will be a nice match for the 109 but I am not sure about the 1a yet. The hurricane was rightfully given a bit of a nerf and the spit 1a a boost at certain altitudes.

One day this will be a great sim