A20 Boston Intruder (Images)

I don’t usually spend more than 8 hours or so on a skin. I just try to get a half decent aircraft that I can fly with. So I thought it was time I tried spending a little longer to make something a bit prettier.

I still have some touching up that I might do here and there, but this is more or less finished. I class it as semi - historical: I have plenty of Boston pics, and plenty of RAF intruder pics, but I don’t have any actually of the Boston in the Night Intruder scheme. In any case, the RAF used the glass nose version with 4 x 20mm Hispanos bolted on underneath, so it’s impossible to make it truly authentic.

Here she is in a few poses…

Cool PeeGee :cool:

Dont want to cause offence old bean but a little constructive criticism i hope ;). BTW i have the greatest respect for you skinner types, i only tried once and lost my rag with it, i’m much better at mission making than skinning. Anyways here we go, its a great looking skin but i think the contrast is not quite right, the brown and green look almost faded when compared to the very bright red. Just my thoughts mate like i said i dont want to cause offence, any hand made skin is a welcome addition to my inventroy :wink: :wink:

I wish i could do it :slight_smile:

No offence taken, I welcome comments. One of the things I was still working on last night was the texture and colur depth of the camouflage.

I’ve also toned down the black “patched up” areas on the lower surface - I wanted the effect of new paint hastily applied to worn and flaked areas, but the contrast was too high for “daylight” appearance. Here’s the current look …

looking Pukka, if you need a test jockey i’ll glad bowl that skin around the sky, QV-C please :wink:

If you missed my pager message on HL, the link to download it is


I’ve made quite a few changes to the texture and panelling, hence the delay. There is still a flaw under the port engine nacelle which I can’t get rid of - I think it is a problem with the model because it is there on the default skin as well. If anyone knows how to get round it let me know.