A10C Warthog in my hanger

Always liked the hog, it’s just designed from the ground up to be an awesome ground attack aeroplane. Watching OD rail off four bombs straight off and hit four different tanks…wow. I always remember reading the Gatling gun fires milk bottle sized rounds and I just needed to fire it

Now I know she’s been around in DCS for a while now and the 92 lads got into it back in the day, so I did wonder if anyone can recommend any good training vids to start learning her. Red kite was great from the harrier.

What about the training modules you can buy, any good?

Swoop that is one awesome aircraft… THE most complicated aircraft in DCS… it in the right hands deadly
You should have the manual in you docs… good reading… it’s a 40 gig download just for the manual:banana:
Just utube videos for the tutorial
When I was flying it last year the quickest I ever started her was 9 mins
There’s lots of utube stuff out there just be prepared for long tutorials :bootyshk:


This is one that I didn’t learn through YouTube.

I’ll need to find the links, but I found a really good step by step guide on a forum about SPI, SOI, DMS, TMS, CMS, and how to use them in the A-10C. It all revolves around one of the Quick Missions and it makes it quite straight-forward (for the A-10C!) Once I get the links I will post back here!

Also happy to fly it with you and go through what I can - but the thing that has made the A-10C most accessible to me is having the Warthog, I managed ok with my CH Fighter Stick and Throttle, but that needed a shift button setting up in the Control Manager, to double the number of buttons, and remembering which button did what when Shift was and wasn’t pressed!


Link 1:
How to deply SMART weapons in the A-10C - Print this and go through it step by step - use active pause if you need to :slight_smile:

Links 2:
A-10C Countermeasures from Ralfi

Link 3:
Ralfi’s quick tips for the A-10C

Link 4:
Bunyap’s “On the Range” series - excuse the Southern drawl and it’s very informative!

Link 5:
Crash Laobi’s 1-Minute DCS - A-10C Series

Tht’s probably some of the better material out there.

Thanks alot! I like the “on the range” series especailly.

With the warthog hotas, does it have the main buttons needed and does dcs automatically set them up?

It replicates the stick exactly, the throttle and it’s buttons exactly, and then the switches that are immediately around the base of the throttle. You don’t have to do anything with the controls in DCS, it is all set straight out of the box. I have a 10cm stick extension as well.

Trying to fly the A-10 made me wish I had a Warthog stick, it became too confusing for me trying to set up a working configuration on my Cougar (of course coupled with the issue that I would prefer to keep working setups for all the other planes/sims and not enough time to get properly into the A-10). But I still feel the luring calls from the A-10, I’m tempted…

Oddly, trying to fly her for the first time lastnight, my MS FF2 started to pull to the right all the time. Tried it again with the harrier and no prob.

I’ve succumbed and ordered a Warthog…I was waiting for the new VKB Gunfighter 2 Pro with the new MCG grip (like the F18 & Harrier), - https://flightsimcontrols.com/ but that still doesn’t have a throttle and my CH one is starting to have issues after 10+ years of service.

Anyone who wants to learn the A10C from scratch, on the DCS user download section, a fine chap has just released a detailed tutorial for a simple training air to ground sortie with the A-10C Warthog. Besides the PDF-Tutorial a Checklist and a situation file are included https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3127710/