A visitor with some questions

Hey guys. Saw your vids on YouTube of some great Mosquito/Typhoon runs online. Looks very cool. I’ve been looking for a squadron for some time and I thought I’d swing by here and ask a few questions if anyone’s got the time to fill me in. For what it’s worth, I’m 29, I’ve play EAW (not anymore), IL2, RoF, World Of Planes (if it ends up being good), and CloD. I’ve got the full setup – TrackIR, CH setup, all that. I’m just looking for some organized flying, preferably with objectives, missions, campaigns, that sort of things – as opposed to just randomly flying around. So, here are my questions…

I’m based in the US. Where are your servers located? I’m just worried about high ping and whatnot.

Do you guys have regular “ops” nights? My old ArmaA2 clan had like a Sunday Ops thing which definitely helped with my schedule, especially since they were a UK clan and I could never make a weeknight on account of the time difference.

Actually, I think that’s about it. Ok. Happy holidays.

Welcome to our forum, Mr, and happy holidays to you too.

We are an European squadron, but we have had a couple of American pilots in our 13 years of life. Ping has never been a problem, but flying hours are. Our training nights, were most of us fly, are Monday and Thursday around 2100-2400 Central European Time. You will find EAFers almost every night online, but the structured nights are those 2.

We require all new pilots, doesnt matter their level, to spend at least 4 weeks in training, which take place at those 2 nights, and fly regularly in team with the rest of us. This would be the problem if you fly in US night time.

I think that covers your questions, feel free to ask more if you wish.

I think EAF would have been a perfect fit for you. The time zone difference is the biggest problem unless you’re off during your daytime. As Nepe said we are usually online from 2000 UTC. So if you can find some way to work around the time difference we would be thrilled to have you among our ranks. It would also be nice to have another North American in the EAF.

We have a lot of fun things coming up in 2012 as well.
Hope to see you online.



Sounds very fun.

Those hours are the deal breaker for me. Too bad. Well, you guys should make more videos so I can watch and curse myself for living across the pond.


I can see that you are up late! It’s 10:36 CET and I’m having breakfast, lol. Too early for me.
Good luck in your search.

Happy New Year to ya!


Sorry the time’s we fly do not suit, you can still however join in with some of our missions, look out for us on Hyperlobby, similarly we fly ROF and many of us fly as WW1EAF in that.

Have you heard of FEOW in ROF, missions there are 16.00 to 00.00GMT so opportunity to join in those missions as an independent yet fly with us.

As IL2 goes i know there are some good squads across the pond who would be very welcoming.

Hey and welcome! :slight_smile:

Thank you for enjoying my videos.

It’s indeed a big pity the pond creates such wild timezones. :frowning: But I wish you good luck in finding a suitable group to fly with. War Clouds server on HyperLobby usually has many different US based squadrons that might be interesting.

If not I will nonetheless continue with more videos from here.

Take care and hopefully see you soon!

I suggest that you look at Jg116 (http://www.116thpanzer.com/il2forums/m/2096869). They are part of a multigame organisation “116th Panzer Division” and have bases on both sides of the pond. The JG116 is fairly new but have the numbers. They participate in a campaign system called “Ghost Skies” (www.ghostskies.com).
I have been training some of their pilots from time to time. They are nice guys but in need of team training.