A super in depth joystick review - VKB Gunfighter MCG Pro Mark II

I think i never read a review so complete!


the level of detail had me think of a stubborn dane! @Starfire_EAF331 :wink:

food for thoughts…

first reviewer praise Ch sturdy quality which i like!

second he thinks a joy should have very little force…
something like @Marsh_EAF19 setup opposed to my setup with a hard warthog
(my warthog was too hard so i use an extension, but it’s still stiff!)


Thanks Jimmi, very thorough review.

Virpil have just updated their ordering process so it’s actually possible to pre-order a stick and not wait hovering over the buy button when stock arrives. I’ve treated myself to VPC Constellation ALPHA-R.

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Hey very nice!
Wich base will you use?

VPC WarBRD Base as I’m using it on a desk, don’t have the room for a pit, especially as I’ve built a PC for my lad and he’s next to me at the end of my bed. Just need to get him flying.

I’ll let you know what’s it like, always been a MS2 FF fan boy.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Now using wharthog with extension, but have a MS2 FF as a spare :wink:

yes pls write a review!

The TM Warthog is getting a little old in the tooth.
I have had the Warthog since its release and refurbished it several times.
This also give me a perspective on its construction, and it have dawned on me that the big issue of stickiness is not due to lack of grease, but due to faulty construction.
The issue is the internal “hat”/centering construction; It is simply too weak, so over time the “hat” expands on the top (making cracks in the plastic); Making the holes for the guiding rods un-centered. This create friction and no amount of grease can remedy this.
A shame since the programming features are second to none!
TM does supply spares but they are never new. Always second hand from defect sticks with the same fault.

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