A Short story: The cost of Widescreen gaming

From time to time I do non-productive studies.
Some of them into history. Others are personal feasability studies.
I call them daydreaming.

For a long time I have been hunting for two monitors of the same brand and mark as my current center screen in order to be able to play on multiple monitors. Resently I aquired a new VGA card which is highly capable of such feat.
As the Dell’s 2001FP is very scarce these days I began a feasability study.
Exchanging all my monitors with Widescreens.

I found that the most important aspect of such change would be to keep the current height of my monitor.

All I had to do was to find out what my requrement would translate into of monitor size for a widescreen monitor.

As monitor sizes are measures between opposite corners across, the geometry was easy.

The Dell 2001FP is a 20,1 inch with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and a height of 30,5cm.

All I needed was to find the ratio for the wide screen.

  1. Find the width for new screen
  2. Find the long side of the triangle
  3. Find the minimum screen size

Since Widescreen usually come in 16:9 I calcullated
Size relation = 16/9 = 1,7777
NP! :wink:

Width = Height 30,5 cm X 1,77777 = 54,2 cm
NP! :wink:

Long side = (this was impossible to write here)=62,19 cm = 24,5 inch

Monitor Size = 24,5 inch
NP! :wink:

After a while I found that there are no 24,5 inch monitors on the marked, so I would have to go for 25’inch monitors
NP! :wink:

As I need three monitors,…did I mention that they have to have a displayport or HDMI :stuck_out_tongue:
such an aquisition would rob me of 683,84 Euro
Thats a problem :eek:

The plan of buying two Dell 2100FP used and get them transported to little Denmark might be more feasable since it could be done for around 230 Euro.

But I have som many other projects which require my attention and funds so for now I have to be content with what I got.
Damm! :frowning:

Not all this time was lost. I got to use some old fasion school math and now I know what Monitor size i should look for in the future