A nice bomber take down vid with the new TF 4.0


Headshot showing the advantage of setting the gunsight at the right wing diameter and the TS overlay looks good, have to try that. Interesting seeing the amount of weps and rad settings being used.

Same ts overlay I use Swoop, except I can see who is in the chanel and their name highlights when they talk.

Really good video Swoop looks a lot better than when I had it
(Got fed up with it and couldn’t get to run smooth on my machine)


That’s the inbuilt TS overlay added in TF 4 you can add it as a info window.

really nice flying!

is he using observer bullets or it’s just the effect of de wilde??

i like his precise shooting whitout tracers… he almost waste no bullet…
but right now i don’t have enough experience on how much lead to use and i’m relying on tracers to adjust aim on target… (a thing i’m not able to do in IL2…)

That’s the deWilde ammo, Jimmi.

Headshot wrote ~

My ammo load out is…
gun 1: ball, ball, AP, AP, de Wilde, de Wilde
gun 2: AP, AP, de Wilde, de Wilde, ball, ball
gun 3: de Wilde, de Wilde, ball, ball, AP, AP

and so on continuing that pattern. That way I make sure at least 2 guns are firing every main ammo type at once. I also don’t use tracers. My convergence is set to 250:250.

I really love the new incendiary effects in the TF 4.0 patch too.

I’ve stopped using tracer as it can sometimes give you a few seconds on a target before he realizes he’s being hit, that can mean a lot of damage before he reacts. If you miss he’ll never know either :wink: I load up with AP & De Wilde in my two outboard guns and just AP for my inboard, thinking I’d hit the wings with dewilde and the pilot/engine with the AP. I use 200/200. Saying that I’m going to try Headshot’s with the new patch.

An interesting post about the default loadout you get stuck with in single player, but also maybe a way of changing it ?? ~

I wasn’t being disrespectful to TF or the OP. I did state ‘the last time I checked’ but having checked again the default loadout appears to be:-

4 guns with Ball .303 (only)
2 guns with AP (only)
2 guns with Tracer (only)

If that is the default loadout then the default loadout is less effective (poor?) compared to custom made alternatives. That is not disrepectful but an observation as to why the OP may be experiencing problems.

The campaign MIS files (and any MIS file where the Player ‘weapons’ entry is flagged as 1) uses the default loadout and can only be changed by editting the MIS file or opening the file in FMB. If I am wrong then I am more than happy to be corrected regards setting alternative loadouts in SP.

What would be useful to the OP (and anyone new to CloD) is decribing the process to change loadouts in the Campaign and SP Missions so they can judge for themselve as to what works best for them based on the good advice regards convergence, loadouts, etc in this thread.

I never got into ClOD really besides some small missions. But my interest gained with the new patch and acceptable FPS.
I was now unsuccesfully trying for an hour to change my belting after watching this video. So you say it is only possible to do so in MP?

For online flying it sticks and same for fuel loadouts, its just in offline single player it switches to the default and 100% fuel. One work around for fuel loadout I use, is going to Plane in setting and choosing the plane you want to fly next and set your fuel there.

The airstart, icons on quick dogfight servers are pretty good for just testing out your load outs i find. Then into ATAG for a more in depth session especially with your EAF mates :slight_smile:

Stevie and Brigs, thanks for the info about the TS overlay, I’d forgot it was also in the patch as an info window.

Paf, just seen this that I’ll have to try myself :

Yes u need to turn auto updates for this game OFF…right clik on CloD in ur games list and and clik on Properties then turn off updates in Updates tab.
Steam Cloud however is different and needs to be turned off in Settings. …View…Settings…Cloud.
Once u have configured ur guns give that configuration a name and save it. U should then be able to see that loadout for that plane in the user.ini in ur Mod folder in My Documents. U can just follow ur nose a bit then and copy and paste that loadout to all your relevant fighters.

You can only have custom belts in MP/online, unless you manually edit the SP missions. It’s been like this since the last 1C patch.

I made a post somewhere in here with my loadouts (no tracer), its quicker to edit them in the config files (user I think).

Just added ball VII to my AP/DeWilde for all guns as in Headshot’s setup and on my first foray in ATAG the Dorniers were dropping like flies, one 2+3 sec burst and they either caught fire or things start falling off and down they went (at their 6 from close to convergence). Need to test more, but looks good.