A new step for the Italian community of Rise Of Flight

Gentlemen, pilots and fans … it is with pleasure that I inform you that today, to coincide with the anniversary of the Armistice of Compiègne on 11 November 1918, a new step will be carried out by the Italian community in Rise of Flight ©.

Indeed, we are gathered here to celebrate the inauguration of the new effigy under which the pilots of the Italian community will gather in the skies above mentioned simulator: Corpo Aeronautico Militare Virtaule.


On 18 June 1913, the Service Corps Aeronautical Aeronautical becomes operationally independent placing of a Directorate General Air Force at the Ministry of War, the command of which was entrusted to Colonel Mario Maurizio Moris. For this reason the Italian community has decided to get closer to historical reality, has decided to make this change.
Change dictated by important innovations, the first is the new website that will http://www.rofitalia.com pilots and fans, but the novelty that excites us most was the signing of a collaboration with the jumps and vigorous Italian Air Force Museum of Vigna di Valle which will see the newly active community initiatives related to the protection of the cultural heritage of the early 900 Italian Air Force.


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