A little problem?

Ok there i was playing AA last night with Splash and Osprey when all of a sudden i started getting lock ups. I turned around at home and my daughter had just connected with her laptop causing a IP conflict.
Keets told me how to reserve a IP which is what i had done but i lost connectivity and even her turning her laptop off the pair of us could not get back online.
I turned PC on this morning and all is fine again but seem to get this whenever someone else connects to the network ???

Even though the IP i reserved is set i still get an automatic IP assigned when i connect and do not get the reserved one???

Any ideas? And sorry to Splash and Osprey :frowning:


Np m8 it happens…

Was on till 3 this morning, good fun though. :slight_smile:

Maybe you should put this in the technical forum, might get some guru with an answer.


Right Techy

Are we talking about a reserved DHCP IP address that was set before you had your new PC?

No Brigs after all my problems with the Netgear router Sky finally found that i had stealth packets on my line so they reset everything.

I reserved IP address for myself on the DHCP but everytime i connect i get assigned another IP and this is usually


This stuff is all over the Tech support forum…

You need to look at your network connections on your PC.

Windows Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Network Connections

This should show you the Local Area Connection in the list of connections.

Right click the Local Area connection and select Properties.

This will open the Connection Properties dialog box. In the dropdown list, select Internet Protocl TCP/IP. Highlight it and click properties.

You should be presented with a window that has two radio buttons one that says “Obtain IP address Automatically”.

You want to put the first to “Use the following IP Address”. (This will also change the second one below it)

Enter the following under the first set of boxes:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Enter the following under the second set:
Preferred DNS Server:

Then click ok.

I was wondering where you disappeared too??? :wink: