A few questions

I own BoS, and a couple collector planes. Should I buy something else? Are BoM and BoK on offer sometimes, DCS-style?

For TM warthog users: yesterday I set up several keys (not using the TARGET sw) and all worked except the trim, and the zoom view. The keys are correctly recognised in the settings, but when I go back to the game they dont work.


I would suggest BoK as next expansion, but it all depends on planes you prefer.
BoK has spit, aircobra, fw-190 A5 and A-20

About the Wharthog everything mapped with the target and working fine!

Super Cool to hear you again!
We miss you Nepe!

Hi Nepe.
I have the Warthog also. I do not use the TARGET software since it’s too confusing for me. But I can trim all airplanes and Zoom in

Trim: BF109, use the slider on the Trottle
All other planes: I use the Hat switch on the throttle(Thumb Hat on the right thrust lever) and it is great after getting used to it. Use this for the FW190 stabilizer trim also.

Zoom: I use the Hat switch on the Joystick for that.

Hope this helps.

Grazie mile Jimmi, it was really great to hear your voices again, and I was pleasantly surprosed to see that I can still take off, keep some kind of formation (thanks Banzi ;)) and even land!

Can you pass me yout warthog profile please.

Apollo, I dont use Target for BoS either, and I tried to use the hat for trim. In settings, it is recognized, no problem (I have the same keys for the Fw190 stabilizer), same for zoom view, but they dont work in game.

Ribbon welcome! and thanks, yes, Spit and P39 sound good to me!

Should I wait until theres some kind of offer?

I use the Warthog but I Don’t bother with the TARGET software; you don’t need to. I have set it all up in game. I have elevator trim on the Top Right POV hat on the stick itslelf. The Thumb switch on the throttle is VR Zoom and Centre for me

Collector planes I would go for:
Spitfire Mk V

If you’re into slow, torturous transport, flights then you could get the Ju-52/3m once they get that set up in Finnish Virtual Pilots it will be good. I believe there is meant to be a new Soviet transport aircraft coming at some point to give both sides the capability.

Thanks OD. That’s the trim button I am trying to setup, but it does not work in game. Will try again tonight.

You can’t buy the Spit as a standalone “collector” plane yet, you have to get BOK. For getting better value, I’d suggest buying the BoK premium, as its only $69,99 and 1 collector plane costs around $20, So $69,99 for 10 planes is pretty damn cheap IMO. Plus you get the best map and some of those plane to fly now.

Also right they have a sale on collector planes -

Attention Pilots!

For a limited time, if you purchase BOS, BOM or BOK at full price you will receive 33% OFF a total of 3 Collector Planes of your choosing. Including the Ju-52 and Yak-1b. Create the BUNDLE you want. Just select the planes you want at checkout. This special is scheduled to end September 18th.

Purchasing a Collector Plane is optional and you can skip this, but to receive the discount it must be done at time of purchase.

If you purchase a plane you already have you can send it as a Gift to a friend or squadron mate.

It can depend which aircraft you are trying to set up, they have different commands in the game. It’s stupid, but there are alternative buttons. Let us know which one you are trying to set it up for and someone will be able to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thanks Nepe!
Spit is collector plane but not yet released in standalone offer, for now you can have it only if you purchase Battle of Kuban which is done in majority (it is not officially released but every plane/feature they finish is available in game and MP for those who prepurchased BoK), only few planes are left to be released in the next 2month and p-39 is among them and next on line.
While spit is already in game for BoK owners.
Next month coop and career mode will be released for all 3 titles.
BoK won’t be on a sale for a while since it’s not officialy released yet but BoM and collector planes are on sale every once in a while.
At the moment there is special offer which will end on september 18th (5 more days).

for Nepe