A:a V2.7

Its finally here:


Full download only unfortunatley, no patch option.


2.5Gb download, just finished.

Use Firefox as IE doesn’t support downloads over 1.5/2Gb and you might get a corrupted file.

I used this link and got 300Kb/s constant:

Im downloading it right now.
Can you please tell me abit about this game, it looks more like a propaganda recruiting tool to me here :wink:

Have you tried it yet Paf?

I think of it as a tactical FPS for the more serious gamer or simmer if you like.
It certainly is used as a recruiting tool by the U.S. army but as we arent U.S. citizens we can ignore all that it just gives us the chance to play an excellent FPS, we should be thanking Osprey, its his tax dollars that are paying for this for us :slight_smile:

AA recreates squad sized infantry action over a multitude of different maps with varying terrain from open desert and jungle to mud hut villages and urban warfare in a ‘western’ city.

The game is unique in that whatever side you join you always fight for the U.S. army, you ‘see’ the other side as insurgents or terrorists.

There are 3 map types involving normal Infantry, Ranger and Special Forces.
The latter gives you options on customising your weapon with scopes, silencers or tripods for instance.

If you have never played the game before there is training that you will need to complete to gain access to the different map types.

The new update adds an Anti tank weapon, the ability to drive a Humvee and man the mounted MG on it and adds for the first time a coop style map where all human players fight for the same side against an overwhelming ai enemy force.

A point regarding the install of this if you have played one of the previous versions there are reported issues around this which i have experienced on my pc at work.
I installed this fine on my home PC but when i installed it to play down here on my work PC it kept giving me an error that a previous version was already installed despite me correctly uninstalling from add/remove and deleting any left over folders.

The work around can be found here:


At work!!
Get me a job JR :slight_smile:

I love AA but have been disappointed with the new coop maps.

Potentially they could be good but my experience are players not working together or driving in front of the tanks and gettin the whole humvee crew killed. The other main problem is most of the co op servers have set the round time too short to actually achieve the objectives.

I have more or less gone back to RO.