9TH February, Lets try the Farewell Mission (password: "circus")

Ciao pisquani! @51Squadron @41wing @Trainee

Mandatory: scaricate lo skinpack del 51°

Forse non tutti sanno che il 16 febbraio scadrà il contratto del server e pensavano di fare un pò di casino la settimana prossima, sia lunedì che giovedì!

Stasera il gent.mo @EAF51_Ibanez metterà online la missione di prova per il trofeo 51°, le serate ufficiali saranno il 13 e il 16 Febbraio.

Serve però fare dei test, perchè faremo una gara cronometrata a staffetta con due squadre.

Il concetto è semplice:

  • si decolla, si segue il percorso e ci sono un tot di target a terra a cui sparare man mano che si va avanti con il circuito.
    Quando un pilota atterra e passa di fianco al compagno, il secondo pilota può decollare e fare il suo stint.
    Due squadre quindi la prima che completa il tour con i piloti vince, se si perde un target si assegnano secondi di penalità :wink:
    C’è bisogno di fare dei voli di prova stasera anche perchè non sarà l’unico tipo di missione che Ibanez ha sviluppato per fare un pò di caciara!

Ci vediamo questa sera e vi spiegheremo tutto il percorso e le regole, sia stasera che nei prossimi giorni sul forum!

Mandatory: scaricate lo skinpack del 51°

Super pack autoestraente con le skin in uso dall’EAF51:


Il file deve essere estratto in TUO DISCO:\SAVED GAMES\DCS.openbeta\Liveries

Richiederà di sovrascrivere dei file: date l’assenso, ci penserà lui a upgradare o creare files/cartelle necessarie.


Hello chaps! @51Squadron @41wing @Trainee

Mandatory: Download the 51st Skinpack

Perhaps not everyone knows that the server contract will expire on February 16th and we thought we’d make a bit of a mess next week, both Monday and Thursday!

Tonight the gentleman @EAF51_Ibanez will put online the test mission for the 51st trophy, the official nights will be on February 13th and 16th.

However, we need to do some tests, because we will do a timed relay race with two teams.

The concept is simple:

  • you take off, follow the path and there are a certain number of targets on the ground to shoot at as you go along with the circuit.
  • When a pilot lands and passes alongside his partner, the 2ND pilot can take off and do his stint.
  • Two teams, therefore the first that completes the tour with the pilots wins, if a target is lost, penalty seconds are assigned :wink:
    We need to do some test flights tonight also because it won’t be the only type of mission that Ibanez has developed to make some racket!

See you tonight and we’ll explain the whole route and the rules, both tonight and in the next few days on the forum!

Self-extracting super pack with the skins used by the EAF51


The file must be extracted to YOUR DISK:\SAVED GAMES\DCS.openbeta\Liveries

It will ask you to overwrite files: give your consent, it will take care of upgrading or creating the necessary files/folders.


Bug in


few points as feedback:

  1. some targets appear hidden by trees. Recommendation is to max out all Forest visibility and details.
  2. I have a PFS drop with occasional stuttering in VR… not sure if it is releated to the detail factor of new objects.
  3. Love the advertising screen, can we add custom images?

Here follow the items I’ll modify according to feedbacks and testing:

  1. Targets visibility: instead of moving targets in more unobstructed spaces(which would require substantials changes in some spots), I’m thinking about placing them on elevated terrain, i.e. over FARP helipads. Disrupt immersion a bit, but would allow more focusing on race and competition

  2. Too sharp turns: I will ease the “S” after airfield targets. About the last target on the shore, I’ll figure something out to make it less painful for left-side player

  3. General track markings: I’ll add some cones after targets, to simplify orientation to the next gate. Meanwhile, I’ll reduce cones concentration in other spots, to keep objects number reasonable

Let me know if I’m missing something!
I’ll try to make updated mission available for tonight.

Thanks for your contribution!



I fear not Bug, it’s a static object with no customization options.
Well, at least… Not by standard interface :sweat_smile:

@51Squadron nuova versione online! Fatemi sapere! :slight_smile: