Another year gone, but I can still remember it clearly…

Me and my missus was talking about 9/11 this morning. I remember it well too.
One of those days that no one will forget.

I had the day off from work, the missus was at the mother-in-laws with my boys and I had the house to my self.
It was a rare day when I could do what ever I liked, so spent the morning playing Red Baron.
I had a quick look on SimHq and saw some posts about a terrorist attack in New York and thought nothing of it, thinking a car bomb or something like that. I carried on with my game. Then my missus phoned and told me to put the TV on.

I spent the rest of the day with my mouth wide open, not quite believing what I was watching.

The kids are now studying 9/11 at school so we’ve been looking at a lot of the footage again.

It’s still shocking to watch.

I was at Starbucks in Savannah and heard the girl behind the counter say a plane hit one of the towers so I went next door the place had a TV, just in time to see the second plane hit the other tower I think I was in shock for the next week. Really makes you think back to the things that are important to life not knowing what the next day will bring. The images still burn in my mind, let us never forget this day or the people who lost their lives.

My story is very similar Oz.

I was working at a garage at the time when a workmate,on returning from lunch break from the local bookmakers said " have you heard the news?..a plane has crashed into the empire state building?"

We went back into our tea-room and turned the tv on. We thought we were watching a replay of the crash when it suddenly dawned on us that this was the second aircraft.

We all sat there completley dumb struck. It was to be a day that I will never forget.

God bless the poor souls that lost their lives that day.

We were living in Dallas. I was off work and home, when my wife called and asked if we had a world trade center in Dallas. I repied yes and she said an airplane had flown into it. I turned on the TV and saw the second plane hit. I told her that is the WTC in New York City.

I had just been offered a job with American Airlines a few months earlier and was waiting for a class date in October. My first thought was very selfish: “There goes that job”. Then I realized how lucky I was compared to all those people who lost their lives in a terrible way that day.

I had been to the WTC a few times in my youth. Kind of scary having been there and knowing what happened.

My view of the world sure changed that day.

I was at work at the Copenhagen Peace Reseach Institute (COPRI) when it happend. It was just an ordenary day when a friend called me and asked me to turn on the radio or the TV. I was unable to grasp what had happend and the consequenses. When the day was over I was quite sure that nothing would be the same again. Later on I got a call from the National Guard; To be on increased alert and report if nessesary. In the days that follow I had a lot of talks with colleges, friends and family.
The only military target was Pentagon. All the others was just innocent civilians. Worst of all have been the changed traffic patteren due to the terrorist attack. After 9/11 people chose to use cars instead of planes with actually increase the yearly amount of dead by more than died in the attack.

and the book “The sceince of Fear”

It was by far the worst of all the great events that have happend in my time.

I was training with my road bike on the hills near my home in Romagna…
One of my friends received a phone call and said: “A plane has crashed into one of the Twin Towers”
From his tone he probably thought that was a small plane…
I clearly remember I replied immediately to him “It depends from what plane!!!”

Were two big… :frowning:

Never forget and hope never happen again.