~S~ All,

We’ve now got four of our guys signing up to go through your OTU.

Para - Signed up on WhatsApp
Myself - Signed up on WhatsApp
Vortex - Signed up on WhatsApp
Viper - Need to get signed up on WhatsApp :slight_smile:

I’m just wondering whether it is possible to change our usernames on the forum to the correct format (EAF79_T_name)? I’ve run out of e-mail addresses to sign up with!!! I have also posted events on our Facebook page for people so that they are aware of the EAF Flying Nights of Mondays and Thursdays from 19:30BST.

At the moment we’re still flying with 79 tags so that we keep Biggin Hill going and still have access to Watchfield.


I have never experianced a joining of this kind, so I don’t know if any special dispensation will or have been given by HQ.

SOP is that trainees belong to the “OTU Sqd” (hence EAF_T_Callsign) until they get their wings. After that they get reassigned in accordance with their wishes.

That’s fine, are the admins able to change the forum usernames? Like I say, I have no more e-mail addresses to sign up with. I can create one if I need to, but if the username can be changed it may be easier. I was under the impression that there would be an EAF79 created once things had progressed to that stage :slight_smile:

Mikke is in charge for forum maintenance :wink:

That’s the plan OD. Starfire, check in the HQ forum.

That funny :roflmao:
I no longer have access to HQ :smiley:

I resigned my post at OTU, as I knew that my Apartment reno would ground me for around a year and I don’t believe in abcent leadership :wink:

Just to let you know I’ve signed up on SoW with a new user - EAF_T_OD_ and submitted a joining request through the squadrons panel. I still have my 79_OD so I can keep Biggin Hill stocked up. I’ll get Phil to change Biggin Hill to EAF once we’re all signed up. :slight_smile:


Viper might need a new callsign as we already have a Viper in 51 (though not active in a long time, what does 51 say?), but the rest of you that have signed up have a new callsign now (and I have removed the other accounts, I think), and given trainee rights. :slight_smile:

~S~ Mikke

Thank you for that. I’m not sure he’ll want to do that. Does the different squadron number not differentiate enough? He sounds pretty distinctive…being from the Bolton area :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

~S~ All,

I’ve just been working on an updated signature. (I need to do it one way or another, my current one is from about 2006!) I was wondering if it was ok, please see below! It’s not final - I think it still needs some work and I want a Hurricane with NV markings rather than SD but as a general outline I think this could be what I am aiming for. Is there anything that I would need to include from the EAF perspective?



Vortex signing in with his new tags!!!

Welcome Vortex
here is your official training thread
EAF_T_Vortex training status

Viper is retired so i don’t think there’s any problem with this nick…