6 Nations Champions




Good show in the valley :smiley:

Congrats too for today’s Italian result, and a PRESENT from the defeated :wink:

It was hard, but “we are the champions” of the wooden spoon :smiley:
Anyway Scotland was a very good opponent, as usual
(lasting the tradition: Malta, Milne Bay, …now Rome :roflmao: )

Norman Tebbitt’s not going to like this


Yes, thanks…we were all thinking about 602, actually, while watching MB339s perform…:smiley:


How is the EAF invasion doing? Is there any Grappa left in Italy?

I went home yesterday night and today I woke up at 5 AM for a business trip. I’ll be back at home late tonight. Pleasee leave me some day in ordr to lad the related pages and the pics on the website.

Anyway, to be honest, I would say it was GREAT (and I tell you this is an understatement!) :slight_smile: