51 Monday COD night

51 on take off!
Cappe - Rosso1 - GB - Cirso - Metis -Jimmi (tail end charlie outside of picture Banzai) later Walty joined us to form an 8 ships formation :wink:

(and we have Siggy, Fox, Trip, Ragman and Chip on training :wink:

Big Balbos over Abeville!

We just crossed BOB PAX and Thor! I Hope to be able to fly all together next time!

For the time I’ve been in flight (a disconnection wiped me out) the satisfaction was high.
Finally in ATAG seeing two organized Spitfire’s flights that behaved like in the reality.
Wow, can’t wait to fly with all EAFers!!!

Nice picture :slight_smile:

Speaking for 310/322 we would loved to fly more with you guys and watch out for you on TS.:slight_smile:

BTW Great sim isn’t it :smiley:

(for my self, next thursday I won’t be around)