4YA not updating scores

Hi all!! Last night I’ve flown 4 sorties with a P51 loaded with 2 500 lb bombs. I managed to bomb Cherbourg every single time, twice on the rail station. I checked and made sure that the smoke on the station was raising. Once i got the main railway crossing, destroing the junction.
But, as in the past, I didn’t get any recognition for it on the 4YA statistic page.
Mind you I got the recognition for a deadly accident I had on a previos mission.
Am I missing something?

They still owe me a pair of kills…

I think stats systems (the one on 4YA server, in particular) are not very reliable, generally speaking.
Saying this, you should also be sure that what you’ve hit was actually a valid and active target for that particular mission. Smoke could come from every destroyed building, but only some specific objects are taken into account as target.

Yes you right but that’s a pity though. I mean even a railroad bombed and thus damaged should account for a hit. even if it’s not in the official targets. Nevermind, still fun to fly.