41 Wing Forum Image

Hi all,
I’m going to make an image for the 41 Wing Section on the Forum Front page, I’ll see what I can do and post a few options here for people to comment on; may even see if I can add a poll!


How about using a screen capture of a Spitfire in DCS with no aircraft letters and EAF41 as a/c serial number ? I’ll try to post an example here.

I had proposed these…:blush:

That was part of the plan…but was going to reflect that we’re not just flying WW2 either.

Why don’t you make a screenshoot in dcs with Spitfire & Harrier/Hornet flight formation?

I think it’s more the sheer number of different types now. Harrier and Spitfire would probably make sense - both being RAF aircraft/ We could maybe include the P-51D as well, with the RAF markings on.