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A formation shot would reflect all our activity. Since the Spit is the only aircraft we can put large ID letters on it should be in the foreground. We could use EAF as aircraft letters and 41 as the serial number

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* ![image|690x458,50%](upload://2u570X7kQiPJQaJD1Bd8MLDHDNB.jpeg)
* ![image|690x334,50%](upload://35fmeFw8RMywSxIc4lbCb8UHPaT.jpg)
* ![image|690x499,50%](upload://xSDkRwmuj1pNc2QXKzthfXRlwsX.jpg)

Not taken the shots yet.

I am in the process of creating a 41 Wing flyby mission in DCS on Normandy map. 6 AI aircraft meet up at Bembridge point and head together to Selsey Bill and then on to Beachy Head. From Bembridge they fly at 210 kts which equates to about 240 mph in the Spitfire. Pilotable aircraft are based at Tangmere and for the moment include Spitfire & Mustang. I will add other EAF types here as well. The idea is to take off and meet the AI formation off Selsey, formate with them and take screenshots. It’s been a bit of a challenge to get different types of AI to fly in formation - there have been a few air to air incidents and near misses. Will host mission on request.
AI fleet is F18, AV8, F5, A10, Mirage & Viggen

Difficult to fly and get in a good position !(upload://8UuOHoa6jfFVP09LIyu2wBc7fHH.jpeg) ![Screen_190127_221157|690x388](upload://zJRxUdwYIaJ6n7


Honestly, I’m thinking four human flown aircraft in close formation, I mean properly close, so that they will all show and be recognisable in the image. Keep in mind the image will not even be the size that they are on this page.

Agree, but this was an experiment to see if I could get jets & props at same speed and to get close and take shots in external view at the same time ! Happy to do the job with live pilots

I voted formation screenshot, but best would of course be a Viggen formation screenshot. :wink:

I’m thinking Spitfire lead, Harrier Right, Hornet Left, Viggen rear - flying in a tight diamond, maybe take it from above while they’re in a turn with some good scenery and lighting. Just need to work out how to review tracks so I can take the shot.