4.12 Release

Here it is (apparently)


Nice one Charlie :slight_smile:

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i add the official thread here!

waiting for hsfx update!

before installing the patch save your conf.ini because probably it can be changed by the patch and then you can copy the settings from the previous one. Don’t make a copy and past it on the newer because some settings have been added…

Cheers Storm.

I used the M4T link and it took less than 5 mins (235Mb) , no torrent needed either.

4.12 up and running now :slight_smile:

Anyone trying this with HSFX 6, or should that be avoided?


No Baz

Its to be installed over 4.11/ 4.11.1 only. No doubt the HSFX guys will soon release a compatible modpack for 4.12 :slight_smile:

Thanking you (from the West Cun’ree) Charles.


Following on from EAF51_Storm’s initiative, I thought I would give my initial impressions of the new patch (4.12) for our favourite flight sim’ IL2 1946.

Patching from version 4.11.1 was trouble free and soon presented me with a new loading screen, and familiar if widescreen, user interface.
Once Setup and then Misc settings is clicked, it becomes clear that 4.12 is more than a cosmetic overhaul of existing content and many new features have been added such as new HUD toggles, 6DOF settings, transparent UI settings and my favourite, the full screen map which can be toggled in the much the same way as the mini-map, but transparently over-layed on the whole screen in flight, allowing for simultaneous navigation and flying/combat.:smiley:

Aside from the new aircraft, in game it becomes clear that the effects have been given a major “revisit” as explosions seem more dramatic and smoke effects and plumes larger. Belly landings now include an earth brown fog that is kicked up on touch down, and the in-flight engine failures are now accompanied by a grey smoke effect, which unlike the black, seems larger and dare I say, more realistic. A nice blue/grey smoke is also emitted on engine start (for the Hurricane at least), along with an all too apparent bluish flame and the old girl seemed even more prepared to roll to an alarming taxiing speed when the throttle was teased forward.:eek:

Without HSFX it is a little difficult to assess further improvements as it has been some time since I have used the unmodified 4.11.1 version of IL2, but the general feeling of flight seemed quicker and smoother (?), and the effect of rounds on target, more devastating.

In short some of which I have commented on may have already been present, but I couldn’t help feeling a sense of larger, bigger, bolder, polished and refined.

I like it and having spent sometime with the offline Finnish Fighter pilot campaign flying the Hawk against the improved AI, as well as getting my derriere handed to me by the Ace 109 pilots in the QMB, Team Daidalos should be rightly proud and commended for their continued support of our community and IL2 1946.


Thanks chaps, and good write up, Baz.

Thank you Baz, fine report!
I’ll keep the installation as my gift of coming back from holidays. :wink:

4.12 from a missionbuilder standpoint

I made an install yesterday all without hickups.

There have been a lot of changes to the conf.ini but most of them can be controlled from within the game.
Very nice and very user-friendly.
Remember to make a backup of the original Conf.ini before making changes. I manged to make my game unflyable :roflmao:

before installing the patch save your conf.ini because probably it can be changed by the patch and then you can copy the settings from the previous one. Don’t make a copy and past it on the newer because some settings have been added…

  • Storm

The missionbuilder have been given a sharper and more businesslike look. More in line with what you see from a Linux system. But there are no changes to the menues.

Several building have been given new texture. Among those the standard hangars at Caen airfield on the Normandy maps. It looks more real.

We also have runway lights in two new colors: Blue and yellow.

Stationary aircraft are now able to use skins.

The coolest feature in the FMB, by far, are the ability to allow AI aircraft to taxi from a spawnpoint to takeoff and from landing to a parking space.
It is my hope that the HSFX team and SEOW team will be able to add this to the SEOW. I have yet to back this up with a test.


There are a lot of other stuff behind the visual. Daidalos efforts are priceless in keeping IL-2 alive and their work goes deep into the bowls of IL-2.
Once agan the Daidalos Team have come through.
I salute them

Just to add, Baz pointed me at the SAS modact for 4.12.


I made a copy of 4.12 and put the SAS mods in and boy what a modpack it is. Its worth it just for the visuals and sounds. A must have in my opinion.

Cheers Baz :slight_smile:


4.12.1 patch is out