4.08 installation

All right, just did it…opening screen still bears “4071m” :eek:: is it normal, or should I worry? :wink:

Check path when installing the patch.
Default is C:\Program files\Ubisoft…

Swedish OS users have to change that to C:\Program\

What is it in Italian OS, Programmi?

I known Enter is called Vai :wink:

Ok, sorry, fixed that (wrong folder…:p).

@Keets, do you think it’s worthy to retain 4.071m switching capabilities with JSGME?

Spot on, Hans…vielen dank, mille grazie!!! :wink:

I don’t think it’s necessary. The switcher was useful as we all switched over to 1946. But 4.08 patch is free, is reasonably accessable and most have it installed now. I can’t see the need to have to switch back


Keets deputy :wink:

I’ve changed to 4.08, can’t see any reason to stick on 4.071.