30.4. EAF vs. AB1

Hello, I got a request from AB1 that they really enjoyed the flight. Thank you Jirko for your hosting, the map was good. Im glad you added the small white plane on map later, it helped us a lot.

At the begining we didnt have any chance as you could see :), Phule was from some strange reason flying bomber (later I persuaded him to fly La-5 with us :)). In Red Baron we dont fly in formations and we dont have to look around, we press N button and it shows us if some enemy is around. So it was a bit difficult. About half an hour later we all started to communicate, to warn others where the enemy is, they werent used to it. And the last fight was the best, we finally won :smiley: and we were only in three :eek: (Colslaw had some problem with his plane). I know… it was a luck :rolleyes::).

Guys from 1st Aerial Battalion thank you all for the nice evening. “Once we must repeat it again, when we’ll have more experiences” Derring said :wink:

Salute! Vasek

Well done Vasek!

We will soon-ish have the Knights of the Sky WW1 flight-sim (KotS) and fly against the Red Baron again. We are very excited but we will not see it until next Christmas perhaps :frowning:


Good to hear you enjoyed it!

The Reds flew La-5’s, the blues (Jirka, Joe and me) flew 109F4’s.

I came in and joined you guys a little late, therefore only played the last dogfight which lasted for around 20 minutes before Jirka had to go. It was good fun and I shot down two LA-5’s. :slight_smile:

Jirka and me took off together and flew towards enemy airfield, Joe was spying on a big bunch of 3-4 La5’s flying together, he directed us towards them and then we all three joined the battle. I dived down on an orange-blue-camo coloured La-5 (Vasek?), got some few hits on him with the canon and went up in the sky again. I dived down and found another LA-5 perfectly in my sights. Shot him down after sneaking up behind him (One of the AB1 guys I think). Jirka got one La-5 as well. Then hell broke loose, Jirka was shot down and the two remaining fighters chased me, Joe came to the rescue. He attacked them and I cant clearly remember if he shot one down, but he had to go. I was alone against two LA-5’s, then a third one occurred as reinforcement.

Only me left against three La5’s!:eek:

One heck of a intense dogfight that was! For 10 minutes we fought each others and I think I got a few hits on one of the three La-5’s. But ultimately Vasek got my engine, it started burning and I bailed out. They had successfully cleaned the sky of Jerries, Good work!:banana:

I must reply to it :). Im glad you enjoyed it, too. You talked about the last fight. The orange-green plane wasnt me, it was Phule. I was flying a white La-5 all the time. As I remember I shot down two planes during the last fight. First somebody got the Spitfire (flown by Derring) and than I got to a good position, from that I got the first F-4. Phule downed the second one. Than there were only you and me with Phule (flying the orange-green La-5). And you know how it ended… :slight_smile: Colslaw wasnt there, he was repairing his plane that time.

PS: from today Im going to learn sovyet planes :smiley:

Yes, Im looking forward to it. Hope it will run on my PC :slight_smile:

I am very sorry Vasek. I discovered your thread just now. :eek: I am blind.

So,…, It will be nice if your friends, WW1 pilots, will visit my hosting again. :slight_smile:
And please convey my greetings/~S~s them. :slight_smile:

I will be very glad to join your server, Jirka.

If you usually host them before coops at training nights, then I could ask 331 to have yours as one of our usual server to visit. :slight_smile: