Who’s in for tonight


mark me up for an outing :slight_smile:

I’m in.



finaly I’m in!!!

News from the front…

Whiskey and Jojko got one kill each.
Keets made Squadron leader
“No 46 Squadron RFC has moved to Baizieux”

…and a new prototype German Scout was encountered.
Believed to be a new Fokker type, The Fokker DVII

We’re doomed…!!!

I’ll leave you to decide whether that’s due to the DVII, or my promotion… :stuck_out_tongue:

Both :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol…did I not even get my DFW I was chasing?? Damn Pats software :slight_smile:

No. It got you.
I think the DFW was still flying when you pulled off with a shot up engine.
RoF reported you shot down by the DFW at the time and pats parser backed that.
You owe the fledgling RAF a new rotary engine and the cost of the repairs to the camel too.
Don’t worry they’ll accept 2 bob a week out of your salary for the next 40 years. :slight_smile:

The hun bastards lol…ah well, always next week when I don’t have to ferk around with networking while trying to fly :slight_smile: